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Hot off the press — books

Autumn Miracle — 129 books

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The Rebbe's Teaching — 2 books

В этой серии собраны книги, основанные на трудах и речах Ребе. Ребе Менахем-Мендл Шнеерсон (1902–1994) — седьмой Любавичский Ребе, легендарный хасидский мыслитель и духовный наставник. Благодаря широчайшей образованности, необычайной мудрости и проницательности авторитет этого уникального человека простирался далеко за пределы хасидской общины.

Наследие Соломона Маймона — 2 books

Акция "Наш ответ кризису" — 41 book

'Lechaim' magazine — 2 books

Издательский дом “Книжники” представляет литературно-публицистический альманах “Лехаим” Журнал издается ежемесячно с конца 1991 года. Совокупный тираж номеров за 25 лет превышает 8’000’000 экз. В декабре 1991 года Борух Горин, в то время студент московской ешивы, задумал издавать еврейский журнал. Первый номер вышел на 8 страницах, зато тиражом 30 тысяч экземпляров и распространился сразу по всем общинам бывшего СССР. С тех пор, месяц за месяцем и год за годом, выпуск журнала “Лехаим” ни разу не прекращался. В декабре 2016 года “Лехаим” готовится отметить свое 25-летие. И это единственное русскоязычное еврейское издание, беспрерывно выходившее на протяжении 25 лет на пространстве русскоговорящего еврейства.

B.E.T.: Library of Biblical/Classic Jewish Texts — 79 books

Classical Jewish texts serve as the bedrock of Jewish faith and tradition. For many years, the most important books, including Biblical texts and classical commentators, were closed to the Russian reader. With the launch of the «B.E.T.» series, every attempt is being made to bring classical Jewish literature to the fore – from Biblical texts and Midrashic commentary to the Mishnah, Talmud, Maimonides, and other fundamental works of classical Jewish writings and contemporary commentary. An ambitious project with a great many publications currently in translation, we are grateful to the Aminov family, the Rohr Family Foundation, and many others who make these historic translations and publications possible.

The Rempel Treasures of Yiddish Literature Series — 31 book

Penned by outstanding Yiddish writers such as Sholom Aleichem, I.L. Peretz, Der Nister, Zalman Shneour, Chaim Grade, Isaac B. Singer, his older brother Israel J. Singer and many others, these literary masters vividly and masterfully bring that work back to life. Their works, many that can be compared to outstanding Western literature, serve not only as historical vestiges that palpably recreate and freeze time, but are as relevant today for our understanding of the world – and ourselves – as when they were first published. Initiated in 2012, «Wandering Stars» will continue in its mission of bringing the pearls of Yiddish literature to Russian readers around the world. In addition to a key gift from Igor Rempel and family, we sincerely thank The Rosenblatt Family Trust and Anatoly and Marina Kochyanov for their support of these important efforts.

The Aminov Jewish and Israeli History Series — 28 books

Given the paucity of well-researched books on Jewish and Israeli history in the Russian language and with an initial major gift by Mr. David Aminov, The Aminov Jewish and Israel History series was launched in 2010. With a three-volume publication on the history of Israel and a two-volume publication on the history of the Jewish history published and widely distributed thus far, the coming years will see the Aminov series encompass a wide variety of publications, depending on the financial possibilities for their publication, promotion and wide distribution. Of note, the three-volume A History of Israel was selected as a winning prize recipient at the recent non-Fiction Book Fair in Moscow.

Judaica — 17 books

The Judaica series presents a wide range of publications on Jewish Studies – from an academic edition of the Beginnings of theoretical Kabbalah by Yechiel Bar-Lev to modern translations of the Torah.

Keshet: The Michael Miriliashvili Illustrated Books for Children — 89 books

There is nothing more important than igniting the minds of our children. With full color illustrations and content themes geared to appeal to a variety of ages and backgrounds, «Keshet: The Michael Miriliashvili Illustrated Books for Children» is intended for individual and family reading and aims to bring Jewish and Israeli history, heroes, and cultural heritage alive for young readers. Inaugurated in 2008, and due to his key support named for Mr. Michael Miriliashvili, the series already includes best-selling children’s titles. Expanding by an average of ten new titles per year (with additional funds in hand, many more titles can be brought to the Russian market), published books are available in large bookstores and via Knizhniki’s online bookstore. Russianspeaking Jewish children – and their parents – deserve no less.

Meeting Point: Science Fiction and Mystery — 11 books

Launched in 2012, ‘Meeting Point’ includes popular works of Jewishly-themed science fiction, non-fiction, detective stories and other page-turners. From short stories by Isaac Asimov to Belva Plain and less well-known writers whose work represents a popular, reads, ‘Meeting Point’ is a unique series that attempts to enter the widest market of fiction and non-fiction available in Russian.

The Popular Science — 16 books

The Popular Science book series is devoted to a wide range of Jewish subjects - popular and specialized, from a vocabulary of contemporary Jewish life and analysis of the Jewish state structure, to an anthology of wise Jewish humor.

The Prose of Jewish Life: Fiction — 143 books

The Prose series includes works of fiction by international authors whose works display a multiplicity of angles, colors, themes and experiences of Jewish life. The series includes works by Nobel laureates S.Y. Agnon, I.B. Singer, Saul Bellow, Imre Kertész and other writers of international literature: Sholom Aleichem, I.J. Singer, Stefan Zweig, Meir Shalev, Primo Levi, Cynthia Ozick, Giorgio Bassani, Arthur Miller, David Grossman, Etgar Keret and many others. Initiated in 2005, with more than 100 titles published thus far – and more titles in the pipeline – the series is constantly reviewed in the press and has been awarded a number of important literary accolades.

Popular Literature — 26 books

Prior to the establishment of Knizhniki, books that touch a wide variety of themes and ideas were published and continue to be important additions to any Russian-language bookshelf. Please see the individual authors and titles.

The Chais Collection: Non-Fiction Series — 97 books

With the goal of bringing popular academic scholarship to the Russian bookshelf, the Chais Collection series includes non-fiction works on Jewish thought and ideas by leading international scholars. Popular and well-researched works on Jewish and Israeli thought by authors such as James Kugel, Hannah Arendt, Jacob Katz, Ruth R. Wisse, David Roskies, Benjamin Harshav, Robert Pinsky, Boris Frezinsky, Arkady Kovelman, academic scholars in Russia and many others.

Special Editions — 5 books

Books from the Special Editions series are bound in embossed red leather, have gilt-edged pages, metal corners and a hard carrying case - everything they need to take a place of pride forever on the shelves of public and private libraries.

Oto-to — 0 books

Oto-to is a Hebrew word that actually means something like well, it’s just about going to happen just about right now. It is exactly at that time and place that all the most important things happen.