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The first time in Russia there is a collection of children's poems Molodovskoy Cady (1894-1972) , the famous Jewish poet who wrote in Yiddish. Born in 1894 in the Belarusian town of a teacher , Molodovskaya played a prominent role in the literary life of the Jewish Warsaw first , then New York. Poems for children Kadya started writing when I was working in the school, and they immediately became a huge success . In memory of descendants nursery rhymes Molodovskoy largely overshadowed her adult poetry.
These poems were translated into Hebrew until the sixties were the basis of children's poetry in Israel. The first collection of poems " Heshvndike Neht " (" Autumn Night," 1927) and " Jik quenched " ( "Wild Street," 1933) brought Molodovskoy fame. In the style of her poetry reflected the influence of Expressionist 1920s . Many of the poems are written in free verse Molodovskoy . Language of children's poems close to the spoken , they emphasized world of ideas and feelings of the child Warsaw dwellers.

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